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Antique Roseville Pottery


With all the reproductions of Roseville pottery on the market, new collectors are often confused on what is really antique Roseville. Many collectors ask us specifically what defines Roseville pottery as antique pottery. Many believe that any of the original Roseville pottery produced between 1900 and 1954, when the company went out of business, is antique pottery.

As with many other types of vintage collectibles, antique Roseville pottery continues to appreciate in value. Since buying antique Roseville pottery has been more and more costly over the years and in many cases represents a sizable investment it is important to know the quality of the antique Roseville pottery you are buying.

As with other antiques, learning about and collecting antique Roseville pottery can be fun. There are many great resources available on the Internet to assist collectors in learning about antique Roseville pottery. We strongly encourage new collectors to take advantage of the available resources on antique Roseville pottery.

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