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Fake Roseville Pottery

While the Internet has become a great resource for Roseville pottery collectors, there is an unfortunate down side. The Internet has helped to greatly increase the distribution of fake or reproduction Roseville pottery. Sellers on Internet auction sites like ebay and Yahoo are increasingly offering more and more fake Roseville pottery for sale.

Reproduction Roseville pottery, most often from China, doesn’t really affect most knowledgeable Roseville pottery buyers, but for new collectors, all the fake Roseville pottery out there can be quite discouraging. For the collector that is just getting started collecting Roseville, it can be quite scary trying to avoid the reproductions. Sometimes the fear of wasting hard earned money on fake Roseville pottery can be enough to discourage potential new collectors of vintage Roseville from ever buying their first piece.

Luckily the mass marketing of this fake Roseville (some collectors refer to it as second generation Roseville) has not really had an impact on the retail value of real or vintage Roseville pottery. Most collectors tell us that after they have seen a few of the fake Roseville pieces, it becomes very easy to spot the reproductions.

Our recommendation to avoid fake Roseville is to deal only with reputable pottery dealers. There are many reputable Roseville dealers out there that can help new collectors getting started on developing an antique Roseville pottery collection.

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