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Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood pottery has always been one of the most expensive types of antique American art pottery. Throughout Rookwood pottery’s history, it seemed most competitors were always a step behind the quality of pottery produced at Rookwood. Rookwood pottery brings among the highest prices of any antique American art pottery.

Many collectors of vintage art pottery feel the quality of Rookwood pottery is second to none. Rookwood pottery was known for better quality control than other art pottery companies. Some Rookwood pottery artists would mark pieces as seconds for even the smallest flaws that were only visible to the decorator.

Many new collectors of Rookwood pottery often tell us how nice it is that Rookwood is so clearly marked and dated. In most art pottery collectors’ minds, Rookwood did a better job of marking and dating their pottery than any other company. Since 1900, all Rookwood pottery was dated with roman numerals stamped into the bottom of the vase. In addition to the date, most Rookwood pottery is marked with the shape number. Artist signed pieces of Rookwood pottery are typically very clearly marked with the signature of the decorator.

There are numerous reference books on Rookwood pottery that provide great detail on the history of Rookwood as well as information on the decorators and pictures of the shapes of all the vases the company produced.

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