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Van Briggle Pottery

Van Briggle pottery was started by Artus Van Briggle in 1901. The story of Artus and Anna Van Briggle is probably the most romantic and tragic love story in all of American art pottery history. Artus and Anna Van Briggle were married in 1902. Unfortunately, Artus met an untimely death in 1904. Anna continued at Van Briggle pottery until 1912. Van Briggle pottery is one of the only original American art potteries that is still in existence today.

Many serious collectors of Van Briggle pottery feel that the company’s best and most collectible art pottery was produced prior to 1912. It seems collectors are always willing to pay a premium for pieces dated 1904 or earlier since they are prior to Artus Van Briggle’s death. Pieces dated prior to 1904 are considered very rare. Most collectors feel Van Briggle pottery continued to produce good, quality American art pottery well into the early 1930s.

After 1907, Van Briggle pottery was not marked with great consistency. New collectors often tell us here at Roseville Pottery Plus how hard it is for them to actually tell when a piece of Van Briggle pottery was produced. We are told that not being able to tell if a piece of Van Briggle is actually old discourages some people from buying the pottery. There are several good reference books available that provide good information on accurately dating Van Briggle pottery.

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