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Roseville Pottery Prices

New collectors of Roseville pottery are often amazed at current Roseville pottery prices. Sometimes we hear from art pottery collectors who have been away from collecting Roseville pottery for a few years. These collectors are often shocked at the level of appreciation in Roseville pottery prices.

History has shown a steady increase in antique Roseville pottery prices over the decades since the pottery went out of business. Since that time there has been a steady increase in the number of collectors of antique art pottery and particularly Roseville pottery. Due to the limited supply of antique Roseville pottery, most people believe prices will continue to increase over the long term.

There are numerous sources of reference material on antique Roseville pottery prices. Most all of the Roseville pottery reference books offer some pricing guides. It is important for collectors to use current price guides to be sure they are looking at accurate Roseville pottery prices.

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