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Roseville pottery is probably the most widely collected American art pottery ever produced. Most people who are familiar with vintage pottery recognize antique Roseville when they see it. For new collectors, it is always good to know a little about the history of antique Roseville pottery. The Internet has provided new collectors with many different resources to learn more about Roseville and other antique art pottery.

Roseville pottery was started in 1890 in Roseville, Ohio. In the early days, Roseville pottery produced stoneware rather than art pottery. It wasn’t until about 1900 that Roseville pottery started producing the art pottery that the company is now famous for. Roseville’s first art pottery line was called Roseville Rozane.

It is truly amazing to look at all the different patterns produced by Roseville during its years of production. It seems Roseville was always introducing just the right pattern to satisfy collectors and the interior decorating styles of the times. Roseville pottery managed to stay open through difficult economic times while other competitors were forced to close their doors. By continually introducing new patterns and staying current with interior decorating trends that appealed to homemakers and art pottery collectors, Roseville pottery was able to stay open until 1954.

One of the best things about collecting vintage Roseville pottery is that there are patterns and pieces to appeal to virtually every collector in every price range. Items made by Roseville pottery range from small vases, jardinières, and bowls to large floor vases and umbrella stands. Another great thing about collecting Roseville pottery is that if your decorating tastes change, or you want to trade up in your collection, there is always a market for quality, antique Roseville pottery.

Since so many collectors use their Roseville pottery for interior decorating and display, many pieces have been broken and repaired over the years. In fact, many Roseville dealers tell us that there is much more damaged and repaired Roseville pottery than there are mint pieces available. From time to time, we hear from new collectors who have found their pieces of Roseville that they thought were mint were actually repaired or damaged. Since so much of the available Roseville has been damaged or repaired over the years, it is important for new collectors to buy their Roseville from reputable dealers in antique art pottery.

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