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Selling Roseville Pottery

One of the nice things about collecting antique Roseville pottery is that when you decide you are interested in getting rid of your pottery there are several ways to sell. And one of the best things about selling antique Roseville pottery is that if you have enjoyed your pieces for a number of years, there is a good chance they will be worth more than what you paid for them.

Some collectors selling Roseville pottery report that they sell their pottery through live auctions. Live auctions usually charge sellers 15 to 30% commissions on the sale price of the pottery. Some of the well-known auction companies even charge buyers at their sales a percentage of the bid price over and above what the seller pays. The buyer’s premium, as they are called, range from 10 to 30% of the sale price of the item. So in the end some of the live auctions end up with 30 to 40% of the value of the items you are selling. So in some cases, what looks to be a good way to sell your Roseville pottery ends up putting fewer dollars in your pocket than if you choose another method of selling your Roseville pottery.

Other collectors selling Roseville pottery do so through online auctions like ebay and yahoo. On the online auctions, while sellers still have costs they are usually much lower than live auctions. Some sellers report good success with online auctions while others complain about their Roseville selling for less than they hoped.

Another option for selling your Roseville is to sell directly to pottery dealers. Some sellers of Roseville pottery have reported that selling directly to dealers eliminates a lot of the hassle of taking photos and writing descriptions for online auctions. Many of the reputable Roseville pottery dealers will tell you what they are able to pay for an item as well as at what price they intend to sell the item. That way you are able to make an informed decision on selling your Roseville pottery.

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