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At Roseville Pottery Plus we often get questions about what defines Roseville pottery as being vintage pottery. In our eyes it is really quite simple; vintage Roseville pottery is simply real, original Roseville. Vintage or original Roseville pottery is any of the pottery that was produced by the company between 1900 and 1954.

Vintage or original, antique Roseville pottery can be a joy to collect. We often hear from collectors of vintage Roseville art pottery expressing joy at finding that special piece to complete their collection of a certain pattern or finding that perfect piece of Roseville for decorating their home.

New collectors of vintage Roseville are often surprised at just how many different patterns of Roseville pottery there are. And once they realize all the different patterns produced by Roseville pottery, they are shocked again at the variety of shapes of Roseville pottery. Vintage Roseville pottery includes, vases, bowls, tea sets, bookends, ashtrays, cookie jars, umbrella stands, jardinière and pedestals, and even dinnerware.

Finding high quality, original Roseville art pottery can difficult, but given the amount of money vintage pottery sells for it is well worth the effort. As vintage, antique Roseville pottery continues to increase in value it becomes even more important to be sure you know the supplier of the pottery you purchase.

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