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Roseville pottery wall pockets are very popular with most collectors of antique Roseville. Most patterns the company produced included a wall pocket in the available shapes. Due to the likelihood of breakage, many of the Roseville wall pockets are hard to find and very collectible. Some antique Roseville collectors search for years to find that perfect wall pocket to complete their collection.

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Roseville Pottery Wall Pockets - Top 10 Most Sought After


Eileen in CA. is a new Roseville collector and who recently asked "what are most collectible Roseville pottery wall pockets?"  We try to maintain want lists for customers and the most common requests from Roseville pottery collectors has historically been from collectors seeking to complete wall pocket collections.  So in answer to Eileen's question here are our top 10 most sought after Roseville wall pockets.

 1. Roseville Tourist

 2. Roseville Chloron

 3. Roseville Baneda

 4. Roseville Sunflower

 5. Roseville Velmoss

 6. Roseville Ferella

 7. Roseville Wisteria

 8. Roseville Blackberry

 9. Roseville Orian

 10. Roseville Pinecone (Bucket)

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