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Welcome to Roseville Pottery Plus!

This site is dedicated to bringing you timely and practical information related to all aspects of antique Roseville pottery. Roseville Pottery Plus also contains information related to other antique American art pottery like Rookwood, Weller, and Van Briggle pottery and more.

Over the years, we have gathered lots of information related to Roseville pottery from antique pottery dealers and collectors. We have always found it interesting to hear the unique stories about how people got started collecting Roseville pottery; what types of Roseville pottery they collect; the lengths they will go to find that perfect piece of Roseville pottery; and the various ways they display and decorate with their art pottery.

New collectors of antique American art pottery that visit Roseville Pottery Plus are often surprised at all the information available related to antique pottery and ceramics. They are also surprised when they realize the differences in quality and price of antique Roseville pottery available today. Just like any other collecting area, buyers of antique pottery are able to make better decisions regarding building their vintage art pottery collection when they have more information. We hope Roseville Pottery Plus is able to provide information helpful in assisting both new and experienced collectors of art pottery in making sound collecting decisions.

Roseville Pottery Plus also strives to provide some background information on the history of antique pottery, particularly Roseville art pottery. Often times new pottery collectors do not know the history and trials experienced by many of the antique pottery companies during their existence. Just knowing a few details of the history of American art pottery can make your collecting much more fascinating; particularly when you have a better understanding of when and how vintage art pottery or ceramics were produced.

It is an exciting time in the world of collecting antique art pottery. The Internet has provided a means of allowing collectors of vintage Roseville pottery to gather more information about the pottery than ever before. The Internet has also provided a method to share this knowledge. Roseville Pottery Plus is just one of the many resources available to help collectors learn more about antique Roseville pottery and the many other art pottery companies.

Roseville Pottery Plus hopes you find our site helpful in the pursuit of more information related to antique Roseville pottery or other art pottery. Roseville Pottery Plus does not sell Roseville or other antique pottery or ceramics. However, we do provide a link to one of our favorite antique Roseville pottery sellers.

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